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Created in a spectrum of vibration beyond the perceptive faculty of human sight lies Ekere Tere, a newly constructed City of Light. Positioned directly above Abuja, Nigeria in the High Astral Plane, this city is a place of learning where the heightened calibrations of the Light and Sound are disseminated to help rebalance Mother Earth.
Africa is known as the heart of Mother Earth and to rebalance the entire planet, the heart must be cleansed and purified first. In this volume, twelve Spiritual Masters are featured. They include: Quetzalcoatl, the Archangel Gabriel, and Pythagoras. The worlds we live in were created by a loving and compassionate Source. Greed and revenge can no longer be allowed their control for we are here to learn compassion and love.

Ekere Tere, City of Light - pdf format

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