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As we step into the dawning of a bright new age, institutions to which we have become accustomed will, of necessity, fade away. Just as the memory of humans at one time being barbarian has all but disappeared, so too into the sands of time will go the idea of male dominance. Greater balance among male and female will have to be the way.
To help usher in this era of balance and harmony where a critical mass of humanity will have awakened their heart consciousness comes: Guardians of the Gates of Heaven. For the first time in known history, this volume presents a parade of female masters who detail the steps they took to achieve spiritual mastery in their day. Many of their stories are poignant and riveting, yet they each demonstrate vividly how the trials and triumphs of the human condition transcend time and place.
Indeed, The Way of truth Eternal at pg. 54 refers to this eventuality…”with the closing of the Age of the Mind and the opening of the Age of Soul and of the wisdom of the heart, the female aspect is again ascending to its proper place of merit and balance. …Many female masters shall begin to come about and be seen and better known for the duties they have done and the many skills and gifts they do possess in equal measure to their brothers who have received so much attention and focus for the last many thousand years.” Guardians of the Gates of Heaven, is one way in which the female masters have appeared.

Guardians of The Gates of Heaven - pdf format

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