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Our world is riddled with conflict. Citizens’ cries for freedom in the streets of several nations are being greeted with hails of bullets by those who are resisting change. Without some form of evolution, no one or nothing would achieve their destiny. Many of us are wondering when will our world know peace. If we could sit in the presence of the Prophets, Saints or Holy Ones who have come before, what might they tell us?
In Messengers of God, Michael Edward Owens sat at the feet of several of those Holy Ones and faithfully transcribed their messages. The messengers cover a span of 5,000 years. In this volume you can read the words of the Ancient Avatar Krishna, the Prophet Mohammed, Lord Buddha and many more. The question now is: can the wisdom of these pages uplift humanity’s consciousness from an imprisonment of the mind and into the wisdom and peace of our loving hearts?

Messengers of God - pdf format

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