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Just imagine for a moment that the Father of All Creation appointed one of his servants to usher in the changes needed to rebalance this universe and spark the dawning of a Golden Age where love and peace will reign. Well, imagine no further for that Servei Dei has been appointed and he is here. 
Throughout all ages and times, the Father has always had a hand in His creation by empowering a chosen one to hold the Rod of Power and bring secret teachings to select individuals that would rekindle the light of their inner divinity helping them to become God-realized. Now, as we rapidly approach a critical juncture of epochal change, Michael Edward Owens has been given the responsibility to usher in the spiritual currents that will foster humanity’s next evolutionary step, a step that ancient calendars predict will begin December 21, 2012.
His talks, as he travels the world spreading the seeds of wisdom that must precede humanity’s new growth, are chronicled in the Sehaji Transcripts-Volume 1. Enjoy the spiritual feast it lays out before you and prepare yourself for these new, uplifting and exciting times!

The Sehaji Transcripts - pdf format

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